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Hello YouTube Friends!

I'm Kate, and I live here at The Last Homely House, where I can usually be found quilting, sewing, cooking, out in the garden with my Goose Eileen, or sitting on the Lime Green Sofa with Cat Rita. Join me, won't you?

Welcome to The Last Homely House!

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I chose this name because JRR Tolkien, who wrote The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings describes The Last Homely House as 

“… the perfect house, whether you like food or sleep, or story telling or singing or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all. Merely to be there is a cure for weariness, fear or sadness”.

This is what I hope my house is for all the people who visit my channel.


Birds of Northumberland Cards

My daughter Martha has been drawing again! She and Adam have made these 5 bird designs which we have made into greeting cards.

There is a Robin, a Coaltit, a Bluetit, a Wren, and. Goldfinch. Five British birds, all of which are frequent visitors to my garden here at The Last Homely House. 

Get them here!

I am Kate...

and I post to Youtube fortnightly on Sunday evenings, at 7pm (GMT). You'll usually find me quilting or sewing something or just chatting on with Anna, with Cat Rita in the background.

You can also find us over on

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Join me fortnightly for sewing adventures, cosy chats, and a friendly good time.
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The Last Homely Garden: The Garden Pond

The Last Homely Garden

Follow my second channel where I tend to the garden and the bees, and get up to imaginative outdoor fun -- like building a pond! Lots more content for you to enjoy.
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