Hi, I'm Kate

I live in the most beautiful place on earth! It is a little cottage amidst the rolling hills of Northumberland, in the North of England. 

Here I take care of my cat, garden, goose and bees and like to make all manner of things at my big kitchen table. I have a curiosity for learning how to make all the things we need every day .... quilts, cushions, clothes, books and so on. A lot of it is for sale at the Shop, so make sure you have a look at that while you’re here.

The Last Homely House Resident Cat
Kate sat by the stove

I have a passion for learning the processes of many different crafts. I am curious to know how things work. My motto ‘how hard can it be?‘ and ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ have led me into all sorts of places to discover new and interesting things. 'Get out of your head and into your hands’ …this is so true! Whatever is troubling you is usually resolved with some stitching, knitting, baking, making of any sort! Try it! 

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Join me fortnightly for sewing adventures, cosy chats, and a friendly good time.
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The Last Homely House: YouTube Filming
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I enjoy posting pictures and little videos on Instagram. Anna, my daughter in law, helps me. Instagram is a place where we can show you little glimpses into my world here at The Last Homely House.
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I post special glimpses into my life to followers on Patreon. There is always a weekly video, plus behind the scenes and a monthly round up of all the things I have been busy with here at The Last Homely House.
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